We hunt Reelfoot Lake, the Mississippi River and our premier waterfowl “hotspot”, Sugarland Farms! Sugarland Farms is a private duck and goose hunting club. Sugarland is an agriculture operation with focus on wintering waterfowl with flooded acres of corn and other food crops.

We have comfortable and uncomfortable blinds, wells and pumps for water control and circulation and a clubhouse with a bunkhouse (optional). Sugarland is a private duck and goose hunting club but offers guided and non-guided hunts on some weekdays.

We have 240 acres of professionally managed deer and turkey land. This farm has agri crops, specific food plots surrounded by forested acres and is specifically managed for turkey and trophy deer. Stealth trails to comfortable blinds and stands. Transportation in the field is provided. These hunts are guided or non-guided.



    $150 / Day / Gun

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